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COVID-19 has had an impact on us all. To help us keep in line with government guidelines this is what we are doing to keep both our guests and us safe as we meet this challenge together: 


We have used HSE (Health & Safety Exceptive) forms and carried out a risk assessment on how & when cleaning is undertaken using HSE approved cleaning products, equipment and chemicals. 


The welcome pack is now an email and your pod keys are cleaned and ready for you to pick up before arrival. The fire pit, BBQ area and picnic benches are cleaned each morning. Each pod is given a deep clean after guests have left and mattress protectors, pillows and duvets are replaced each time.


We ask all guests to employ social distancing at all times. We have moved all benches to two meters apart around the fire pit. 


We suggest that if someone is getting in or out of their car that you wait until they have left the car park before using it yourself.

Most importantly, if you are experiencing any cold/ flu-like symptoms, please stay at home! Contact us and we'll help you to cancel or rebook.


With these measures we aim to keep all our guests and us at the house safe. We thank you for your cooperation. 



Wee Hoose staff 

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